The most devastating behavior corrections I got as a kid were from my godmother Sylvia - she frequently would look at me with deep disappointment, and tell me exactly how I had failed her. In those moments, I wanted nothing more than to live up to her next high expectation.

"The most effective response to bad behavior is to express disappointment. According to independent reviews by Professor Eisenberg and David R. Shaffer, parents raise caring children by expressing disappointment and explaining why the behavior was wrong, how it affected others, and how they can rectify the situation. This enables children to develop standards for judging their actions, feelings of empathy and responsibility for others, and a sense of moral identity, which are conducive to becoming a helpful person. The beauty of expressing disappointment is that it communicates disapproval of the bad behavior, coupled with high expectations and the potential for improvement: “You’re a good person, even if you did a bad thing, and I know you can do better.”

Now this is my life on Saturday nights. Caleb and Elijah are the most fun - especially when we spend time with the Berrys!!!